Slurp: A Dining Table Interface

Are you having the world’s most delicious noodle? Show me how tasty your Ramen is! Slurp loudly and show us your answer!
Slurp is an interactive table especially made for ramen restaurant to celebrate the culture of slurping. Dynamic patterns on the table react to the position of the bowl and also the slurping noise made by the customers. As slurp gets louder, pattern grows from the center of the bowl and travels to the center of the table. The tastier is the ramen, the bigger is the concentric pattern. When pattern reaches the middle of the table, it interacts and competes with other patterns by other customers. Ramen restaurant can use this table to start a mini slurping competition, while preserving a special table manner.

Technical Idea
Slurp is a dining table with weight, sound and vibration sensor. The weight of the noodle identify the center point of the pattern, while microphone and vibration sensor determine each specific slurping and ramen tone. Using this parameters, patterns are able to vary in shape, size, and speed. A variety of eating habit can therefore be visualized across the table.