*collaboration with Matt Ganucheau and Aiwen Wang

*Featured at Rocketboom, 2010

*Exhibition at Re-New Digital Art Festival 2010, Copenhagen.

MyCloud is a transformative environment designed to bring the outdoor experience of sky, cloud and grass into interior spaces in a way that simultaneously invokes childhood memories while activating people’s imagination. White clouds in a blue sky above a green lawn create a leisure environment that harkens memories of childhood and childhood pastimes. Memories of being with your family, of childhood, or of being alone under the open sky are all parts of the experience MyCloud wants to bring into the interior.

Such warm memories are further enhanced by the cloud pillows lying on the grass. These pillows serve the obvious function of comfortable cushioning, and at the same time, they are also controllers for dynamic cloud images in the sky. In short, not only can people watch the clouds float by and take on different shapes, but they actually actively shape the clouds. Thus with MyCloud, the imagination that a person can have about clouds is now taken to another level where the clouds respond to people’s touch and thereby transform their urban spaces by building castles in the air.

Why: Childhood Memory, Imagination

How It Work:

Environmental Design Scheme: The idea is to how to bring outside environment inside. Therefore, I did a 3D rendering study of the environmental design to see what can best mimic the natural open space grass field.

Soft Pillow Prototype Testing:

User Experience Testing: