Flow: Gillette Landmark Design Competition

*collaboration with Vicky Chan

*Award: Gillette Landmark Design Competition 3rd place, 2009.

FLOW is two wind turbines that combine the history and philosophy of P&G Gillette designs with a responsibility towards the environment of 21st century.

The form and configuration of FLOW is inspired by Gillette’s Safety Razor patented in 1904. Both FLOW turbines have nine mini sets of three-bladed turbine. Each blade of FLOW retains the proportion of Gillette’s Razor, as if the blade is constantly shaving the sky. Two FLOW turbines are placed at different elevations to allow for intersection in plan, while keeping the footprint within the specified site. This special configuration also maximizes the diameter for efficient aero-movement, while keeping sufficient visibility for building behind. Orange and blue found in Gillette’s Fusion are used in FLOW to create a dynamic corporate icon to Gillette World Shaving Headquarters. These vibrant colors make FLOW an instant landmark for nearby traffic and South Boston community.

This combination of vibrant colors and spatial configuration creates a rich palette of double spiral patterns. These patterns will be constantly animated throughout the year by various wind intensity (see diagrams to the right). The silhouette of FLOW forms a dynamic spine that can reinforce the curved façade of the newly designed building, while creates a harmonious contrast with different orthogonal elements found in the existing campus.

The silhouette of FLOW and its ever-changing patterns fully embrace the tectonics and identity of Gillette’s Design. Powered by natural wind at no cost, FLOW undoubtedly meets the criteria of design in 21st century. This idea of using sustainable energy will not only demonstrate Gillette’s commitment to the environment, but also establish a good example for other industries in South Boston community.